About Divine Mind Therapeutics

Transform your life by seeking change.

We want people who are willing to implement interventions and directives given to them. We offer a place where you can vent but also improve.

Our clients feel less burned out and learn to regulate and manage overwhelming emotions, allowing them to facilitate change in their lives through self-care – to transform.

Our clients also want to utilize their strengths to develop resiliency and learn to become the facilitator of change in all areas of their lives.

Exploring how Therapy creates Connection

Everywhere you turn, you hear mixed reviews about therapy and how and if it helps or can help you. How does therapy work, and what could it be like for you?

You’ve listened to your friends and family and found that their advice leaves you feeling judged, misunderstood, and worse off at times. Then, you’re back where you started, in the dark, feeling alone and lost.

Your anxiety tells you that therapy is not worth it – you can pray it away, or you can muscle through on your own. But if that were true, you wouldn’t be at this moment in time where you have tried everything you can think of only to achieve minimal or no success.

We offer the type of space you need.

So, what does it take to cultivate a space that gives you what you need and helps you become better than you ever imagined?

This type of space requires a deep level of trust, connection, safety, and most of all, a willingness to be vulnerable in a way that many try to avoid. This space is uniquely yours, where you will enjoy a warm conversational experience.

You will laugh, you may cry, you may even scream out of anger or frustration, but rest assured, all of this and more is welcome here.

At the end of our time together, you will leave feeling empowered, confident, and have a clear sense of the direction for what you want from life and how to sustain that direction.

About Stefanie Jackson LMFT & Connection Therapist

I am a fun-loving, energetic, and passionate host. Both inside and outside of the therapy room, I am a space creator.

I enjoy hosting parties and events. I enjoy transforming intimate spaces and creating an experience full of connection, fun, stimulation, warmth, and authenticity. I love to travel, theater, dance, and DIY projects/crafts.

I am a therapist who practices what she preaches and will not tell you to do something that I would not do. I enjoy taking care of myself and encourage you and all my clients to do the same.

About Shannon Johnson LCPC, LPC-MFT

As a psychotherapist, I understand that change is not easy, but with effort and intention, change is indeed possible. As a therapist that has experienced childhood trauma and dysfunction, I understand being gripped and held tightly by your past.

Maybe you don’t know how to change or that change is so unfamiliar and uncomfortable that fear and anxiety arise. Let me tell you, I get it, and it is entirely normal. With time and effort, you will learn to be more present with your body, emotions, and the world around you.

My mission is to assist you in creating a life change and re-discovering your holistic happiness, consisting of gaining and maintaining balance mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our goal is to foster healing and transformation by assisting you in redefining your story.

I support my clients in identifying, acknowledging, and rewiring their mindset to rewrite their stories. I currently work with individuals, couples, families, and groups struggling with anxiety, burn-out, depression, PTSD, and day-to-day stressors.

 Now Accepting: CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna. 


Here’s something personal.

I am a black woman, a licensed therapist, a daughter, and a human being who acknowledges the world’s challenges both for men and women. I enjoy spending time with family, working out, meditating, reading, and traveling in my free time.

My favorite saying:

No person, place or thing has any control over me
for I am the only thinker in my mind.”
– Louis Haye