It seems to come out of nowhere…

Crap, it’s happening again! The starter gun has gone off, and your mind beg to race. A mixture of dark thoughts and questions floods your mind and overwhelms you with dread.

That’s when you notice it; the pit in your stomach has formed and left you feeling nauseous and nervous.

Your heart is pounding like a hammer on a nail ready to burst from your chest.

Are you even breathing? It feels like there is not enough air – as if you’re suffocating or drowning.

You’re at a loss of what else you can do…

Can anyone tell that you’re struggling and suffering?

You want to reach out, but fear chokes back the words. You don’t want to be a burden on anyone, so you suffer in silence.

You’ve tried distracting yourself with TV and social media, and you’ve tried running from the thought and pushing down the feelings.

These distractions work for a time, but eventually, you find yourself back in the same place and space – on edge, frustrated, irritable, and freaking out.

Perception is reality; change your perception and change your reality.

Many of our clients enter therapy with an adversarial perspective of anxiety.

Holding this perspective leads them to fight a battle with themselves that they never win.

Instead of fighting yourself, it’s time to approach this issue of anxiety in a new way.

Time to make the change

Allow us to help you change your perspective, reality, and relationship with anxiety.

“Emotions can be the enemy, if you give into your emotions, you lose yourself.
Be at one with your emotions because the body always follows the mind.”
– Bruce Lee

Change your reality today!

Contact us to learn more about how we can take your change experience to the next level with a free 15-minute video or phone call.

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