Couples Therapy

Is this relationship worth saving?

Remember when the two of you first started your life together?

The butterflies were fluttering with excitement in your stomach as you anticipated your partner’s call or their arrival.

Every song you heard seemed explicitly composed for your love.

But now, love has disappeared.

You wonder, “Where did our love go?”

As you think back on your beginning, the stark contrast between then and now is a constant reminder. So much has changed.

The warm feelings you once had have now turned cold. Lately, all that floods your mind is the conversation turned shouting matches, the widening invisible gap of hurt feelings, and painful interactions that keep you distant and disconnected.

The perpetual sense of disappointment, frustration, and confusion leaves you saying to yourself, “This isn’t how it was supposed to be.”

Now, you’ve fallen into a different pattern.

There is an issue that you present to your partner; it’s important to ‘get on the same page.’ Instead of acknowledging where you are, your partner justifies and tries to explain away the situation.

You both go back and forth, listening for an opening to respond rather than trying to understand.

It’s easy to become frustrated, blame and criticize each other.

Exhausted, angry, and hurt, you retreat, letting distance and time reset the stage.

Through couples therapy, you will…

Learn to give your partner the love they NEED and not the love you THINK they WANT.

Break your old patterns of interacting and develop new skills to rebuild trust and reconnect.

Restore loving and intimate connections between the two of you.

Work through and let go of the past hurt and build a happier, more fulfilling future together by making the most of your present moments.

Is your relationship worth saving?

You won’t know until you both put forth the effort to save it.

We offer a safe place where both of you can speak, listen, and be understood.

Rather than taking sides, we listen for what is said while providing an objective interpretation and view of your conversation.

Don’t give up before you try! Let’s work to save that relationship. Contact us today!