Gathering with a purpose

Life includes so many ups and downs. Our low moments have the capacity to make us feel defeated and inadequate, leaving us ostensibly to be abnormal or broken.

At DMT, we understand that life brings unexpected turns of events. However, we want our clients to feel empowered and prepared to handle/control their thoughts, emotions, and actions during those moments.

Workshops can give you the tools you need to feel in control and encouraged.

Cope and Grow Workshop

We believe that when you have access to the appropriate coping skills, it takes you to new heights in life, both in your personal and professional relationships.

The Cope and Grow Workshop helps you identify old and outdated coping skills that have become problematic or no longer serve you. The skills we offer allow you increase your body awareness, emotional awareness, and overall sense of self.

Women of a Certain Age, Self-Confidence Workshop

In our work as clinicians and based on our research, we have found that women are more likely to struggle with self-confidence. This lack of confidence creates a gap and has the potential to increase anxiety and depression, rob you of motivation, disrupt relationships, and give you the sense that you lack resilience and are less capable of overcoming adversity.

In this workshop, you will uncover and unpack the root causes that influence low self-esteem by providing you with tools, journals, and interventions that will aid you in healing and releasing insecurities and developing a more powerful and enlightening disposition.

If you are interested in learning of the workshop schedule, please call us at (571) 249-2519. It’s time to take care of YOU!