Mindful Anger and Aggression Management

Things are going from bad to worse.

And today was the absolute worst!

The jobs right now are overwhelmingly frustrating, and idiots surround you!

Traffic was horrific, and you know now that no one in your city can operate a vehicle. For the life of you, you cannot seem to understand why people don’t use the sense that God gave a Billy Goat!

It’s official; you are over it.

You stay on a slow burn, ready to unload.

Jaw and fists clenched, breath shallow and shaky, and body trembling as you begin to see red.

This is anger – burning hot and ready to unload on anyone that crosses you at this point.

The interesting thing, however, is that this is how you find yourself reacting over the smallest of things.

You’re consistently at a low boil even on a good day, and you have no idea why or what to do about the way you feel.

Others label you as an angry person, and you live up to the title.

Anger makes you ready to explode.

You’re explosive, snappy, make intimidating gestures, and as a result, have lost love, relationships, and jobs.

In addition, you have gotten into trouble with the law or done some stupid and reckless things.

This is aggression, the behavioral reaction that results from feeling angry.

The justification you give is that you don’t know how to control your temper. If people weren’t always making you angry, you wouldn’t behave this way.

“A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.”
– Bruce Lee

You can’t control how other people react and behave, but you can develop a mindful awareness of how you think, feel, and act with the world around you.

If you are ready to let go of the label of being an angry person and become a person who experiences anger in a healthy, manageable way, we can help.

Contact us now to schedule your 15-minute video or phone consultation and start the process of mastering the anger and mindfully managing the aggression.

It’s not who you are; it’s what you experience. We know the difference.