“Trauma creates change you DON’T choose. Healing is about creating change you DO choose.”
– Michelle Rosenthal

Some experiences are recycling in your head.

Up until now, you have been through a lot from your childhood. But you never realized that the past had the power to haunt your present.

The memories of those traumatic experiences seize your thoughts and emotions. They feel uncontrollable and intolerable at times, almost as if they are an abusive lover.

The defenses you developed then served a purpose in some ways and have protected you in others, but they now leave you victimized, frozen, numb, and afraid.

You desperately desire to feel safe – in your body, thoughts, and the world. But, unfortunately, all you have known is how to survive because safety has only been an idea, not a reality.

How Can EMDR Help??

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) helps with trauma by using bilateral stimulation, such as guided eye movements, to facilitate the processing of traumatic memories. The therapy aims to desensitize the emotional intensity associated with these memories, allowing individuals to reprocess them in a more adaptive way.

By mimicking the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, EMDR enhances information processing, fosters cognitive restructuring, and helps link traumatic memories with more positive thoughts and emotions. EMDR has proven effective for many in treating trauma. EMDR can also help with social anxiety, relational trauma, and performance enhancement.

How is EMDR Different from traditional therapy??

Many people appreciate EMDR because it often requires less verbal communication compared to traditional talk therapies. The bilateral stimulation used in EMDR allows individuals to process traumatic memories without extensively discussing the details, which can be particularly helpful for those who find it challenging to verbally express their experiences. The therapy’s emphasis on non-verbal processing can make it more accessible and comfortable for individuals who may be hesitant or struggle with traditional talk-based approaches.

You can recover from trauma.

At Divine Mind Therapeutics, we will help you navigate and understand your past while also providing you with the tools to overcome moments of despair and destabilization when reminded of that past traumatic event.

We will provide a space for exploration, validation, and acceptance that allows you to navigate and makes sense of your experiences. This experience will afford you the ability to regain control over your body, life, and relationships.

Call now for a 15-minute consultation where we will help you recreate your story.

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